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Mark Bateman

London, United Kingdom

Executive Coaching, Business Development, Entrepreneur

Michka Bengio

New York City, US

Hospitality, Impact, Tech, Founder, Executive, Operator, Creative & Brand Strategist

Sarah Canet

London, United Kingdom

Hospitality, Culture, Branding, Communication

Viv Craske

London, United Kingdom

Sales, SaaS, Business Development, COO, CCO

Guy Heywood

Stockholm, Sweden

Hospitality, Luxury Hotels

Albert Gardiner

London, United Kingdom

Finance Investments, Valuation, Pharma, Tech

Dominique Girardet

Geneva, Switzerland

Hospitality, Impact, Investor Relations

Mikail Goek

London, United Kingdom

Hospitality, Culture, Entrepreneur

Monika Holland

Rome, Italy

SaaS, Sales, Acceleration, Business Advisory, Startups, Key Note Speaker

Mads Kornbech

Copenhagen, Denmark

LifeScience, HealthTech, marketing, branding, VP, Executive, Startups

Steven Kuhn

Budapest, Hungary

M&A, Private Equity, Management & Business Coaching, Author, VC

Nick Lander

London, United Kingdom

Hospitality, Food Critic, Author, Restauranteur

Jonas S. Larsen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Fashion, Lifestyle, Entrepreneur, Founder

Rebecca Leffler

Paris, France

Hospitality, Fashion, Art, Communication, Branding

Renata Lopes-Merriam

Brasilia, Brazil

Impact, ESG, SDG, Marketing, Entrepreneur

Rory MacParland

London, United Kingdom

COO, Finance, Reporting, Entrepreneur, Tech

Megan Mair

New York City, US

Culture, Art, Collaborations, Marketing, Branding

David Namdar

New York City, US

Tech, Finance, Crypto, NFTs, Investments, Entrepreneur

Christopher Nielsen

London, United Kingdom

Corporate, SaaS, Finance, Management Support, Advisory Board

Christopher Perone

London, United Kingdom

Hospitality, Culture,

Lauren Resnick

London, United Kingdom

Hospitality, Architecture, Coaching, Commercial Real Estate

Anders Rodenberg

New York City, US

Finance, Impact, ESG, Diversity, Analytics, Risk management

Mads Roesgaard

Copenhagen, Denmark

Hospitality, Chef, Restauranteur, Entrepreneur

Caspar Rose

Copenhagen, Denmark

Legal, Finance, Reporting, IPO, Boarding Member

Sabato Sagaria

New York City, USA

Hospitality, COO, Entrepreneur, Restauranteur

Andrew Savikas

Boston, United States

SaaS, Sales, CCO, Author, Strategy, CSO, public speaker, investor

Søren Strøm

Copenhagen, Denmark

CFO, Board Member, Finance, M&A, Reporting, IPO

Mikkel Sørensen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Startups, Acceleration, Business Development, Investment

Thomas Szczepaniak

London, United Kingdom

Finance, Startups, Investments, Deep-Tech