Anders Rodenberg

New York | US


  • Finance
  • Impact
  • ESG
  • Diversity
  • Analytics
  • Risk Management

As CEO of Denominator, Anders does a little bit of everything, but the most important job is to engage with people both inside and outside of Denominator. Data might be the foundation of knowledge and accountability, but it requires people to turn knowledge and accountability into solutions and improvements. In the end, Anders’ job is about people.

Prior to Denominator, Anders spent more than a decade working at Moody’s Analytics with people across Europe, US, Canada, Latin America, and some parts of Asia.

Anders has a Master’s degree in Political Science but his most important skills and life lessons come from his upbringing.

Anders was raised by a single mother in Denmark but come from a multinational family with a Swedish father, a sister from Asia and another sister from the Arctic region. “We were all different, but all the same. This taught us empathy, curiosity for the unknown, and that it is ok to agree to disagree”.