Senior Advisor

Caspar Rose

Copenhagen | Denmark

London | United Kingdom


  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Reporting
  • IPO
  • Board Member

Caspar Rose has a background as a financial economist as well as attorney-at-law specialising within capital market law and board work. Caspar has a long career within academia (PhD and professor with Copenhagen Business School) as well as sound practical business experience.

Caspar has served as chairman and board member for several companies.

Caspar’s experience include:

  • Assistant professorate Department of Finance, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

  • Associate professor, Center for Capital Markets Law, CBS

  • Special advisor, Confederation of Danish Industries (DI)

  • Chief Analyst, Danske Bank Group, Operational and Market Risk

  • Professor, at Department of International Economics and Management and Center for Corporate Governance, CBS

  • Associate Attorney-at-law / Senior counsel, Magnusson Denmark (law firm)

  • Attorney-at-law, Rose Advokater (law firm)

Caspar’s education include:

  • Commercial High School, Esbjerg Handelsgymnasium

  • Master of Law (Cand.Jur.), University of Copenhagen

  • Diploma in Finance and Banking, Copenhagen Business School

  • M.Sc. in Finance and Accounting, CBS, 1999

  • Ph.D. scholar at UC. Berkely as well as Universität Hamburg in Germany

  • Ph.D. in corporate finance and governance, from CBS, Department of Finance

  • Attorney-at-law education completed (in Danish “advokatuddannelsen”)