Director, Head of Sales

Monika Holland

Rome | Italy


  • Corporate
  • SaaS
  • Finance
  • Management Support
  • Advisory Board

Monika Holland is Director, Head of Sales and SaaS services offerings with PoE. She is serving tech Start-ups with their ICP, Go-to-Market Strategy, Sales Structure and Sales Playbook in any stage of their company journey as well as consulting on commercial infrastructure for SaaS Start-ups seeking funding or trying to scale rapidly.

She is Keynote speaker at Startup Accelerator Programs and Podcasts.

As an executive sales leader in the last 20 years, Monika has earned a reputation of achieving top sales results, unprecedented market share growth and business development in global markets while building powerhouse sales teams with companies like American tech company HotelPlanner or British SaaS company Traveltek. Her versatile background and expertise lies in SaaS Sales and Business Development which positions her as Strategic Commercial Advisor.

Monika has consulted start-ups part of US based Tech Hackathon by TravelScrum, Estonian based accelerator program Startup Wise Guys and US based B2B Sales Bootcamp by Hapday Group. Monika collaborates with Lithuanian gov organisation MITA where she consults scale-ups on commercial strategies.

On a personal level Monika is an avid reader, traveller and yogi. She has lived in 3 different countries in the last 10 years and speaks 5 different languages. During free time she explores the world with her husband and 2 sons.