Rory MacParland

London | United Kingdom


  • COO
  • Reporting
  • Finance



  • Entrepreneur
  • Tech


Rory is a founder, creator and consultant COO to small growing companies from pre-seed to Series A. Starting as an Investor Relations consultant to FTSE AIM & Fledgling companies, Rory’s mantra with a business is “lean, clean, organise and focus”, working for stakeholders and encouraging founders to adopt better habits to grow well. Having worked in a wide range of industries and sectors and in all levels from sales to C-Level, he brings a keen understanding of what can be done to take companies to the next level with a blue skies – solutions oriented practice.

Rory’s history includes the creation of the pdf press cutting (Clipserver/Xtreme); the first 24/7 streaming pay-per-view sports channel (LigTV24); SmartLPG, an environmental car company, and of Sharps Barber and Shop, a men’s grooming products and services company. He is also serious foodie, with extensive contacts and relationships globally in the hospitality industry.

Rory comes with great and valuable experience across hospitality, marketing, professional services, retail/distribution & technology, and he will play an integral part in advising our clients in both the hospitality sector and more broadly.

Rory is Canadian and lives between London and New York.