Business Advisory

Steer your company in the right direction. With the right business strategy, you will not only meet the expectations from your existing investors but also greatly improve your chances of making the next round of funding successful.

Together we develop the right strategy for your company.


How can we help you?

At PoE Advisory we are industry leading experts. Our team consist of senior experts each with proven track records and senior credentials (C-suite, Director, Partners) from global consultancy firms, accounting and law firms. The team also consist of entrepreneurs who have successfully built, EXIT’ed (and failed) ventures in numerous industries and sectors.

Creating a solid business strategy with clear goal-setting and road mapping is the first step towards your company’s success. It is an ongoing process that requires constant attention and planning for several scenarios and outcomes.

We help you develop, grow, accelerate and exit.

Ask yourself:
  • Have you identified your vision?
  • Have you ever performed a business strategy before, and have you ever implemented one?
  • Do you have a roadmap to get there including preparation for each capital event along the way?
  • Is your company investor ready?
  • Do you have the right organization around you to achieve your goals and help you implement the strategy defined?
  • Should you hire a CFO or a CTO?
  • How do you scale, ensure you are hiring the right people and ensure a quality company culture?
  • Do you have a KPI system in place stimulating my long-term goals?
  • Have you identified your sales target and do you have an adequate sales organization
  • Do you have international expansion plans?
  • How and what do you scale first? Your technology/RD division or your sales/marketing department?
What we offer

We have many of years of experience in designing, implementing and monitoring a business strategy, including:

  • Sales strategy
  • Branding & marketing strategy
  • Lead generation
  • International expansion strategy
  • Financial planning and reporting services and strategy
  • Market intelligence
  • Cash flow projections
  • Cost structure analysis
  • Organisational development strategy
  • Key role and functions identification and hire
  • Business transformation and improvement
  • M&A

Meet our Business Advisory Team

We deliver bespoke strategic advisory solutions  to create successful businesses.