C-suite Support

What is next in line for you as a founder (or C-suite member)?

Scaling sales and growth targets to achieve further funding? Deploying the Seed capital raised so you actually live up to the promise you made to your Seed investors? That is the downside of a successful fundraise - expectations - and now you need to scale. Even more!

Do you know what it takes from a financial perspective to be ready for a, let’s say Series A raise? And have you done so before?


How can we help you?

One of the fastest ways to ensure your personal and business success is to remember that entrepreneurship is a team sport. This means leaning on your team and coach to help you achieve your goals, AND enjoy the journey.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand what you’re going through and more importantly, having an external perspective helps open up channels for new ideas, opportunities and possibilities. Think of us as your breath of fresh air, someone to download to, workshop with and manage your stress levels.

We have had several CEOs/Directors and Founders who have taken advantage of our C-Suite support and the most typical responses we get after the calls are “incredibly thought-provoking”, “valuable” and “helpful”.

So what will the C-Suite support look like for you? 

There is NOT a one-size that fits all and all our solutions and C-suite support conversations are tailor made to each C-suite and business. We will ask you about your biggest challenges and some powerful questions to help you gain a new perspective and potential solutions.

Ask yourself
  • Are you slowly diverting from your core expertise and growing into a more administrative role
  • Have your ever scale a business before
  • Have you handled professional investors
  • Do you know what it takes to prepare and get ready for the next capital event (e.g. a series A)?
  • Is your organization ready for scale and do you have the right people and support needed from your growth journey?
  • Do you have a trusted business partner with the right experience that you can confide in 100%?
What we offer
  • CEO, founder support and strategic guidance
  • CFO support and strategic guidance
  • CTO support and strategic guidance
  • CSO / CMO support and strategic guidance
  • Executive coaching
  • Organisational development and strategy

Meet our C-Suite Support Experts

We deliver bespoke strategic advisory solutions  to create successful businesses.