Exit Strategy

An EXIT strategy is simply your guiding light – without it you will be straying in the dark! All your other strategies including sales, expansions, product & organisational development will tie into exactly that – your EXIT strategy to maximise the outcome and the EXIT of your company.

That’s why your EXIT strategy needs careful consideration, design, execution and ongoing monitoring.


How can we help you?

As your business grows, you will likely be approached by potential acquirers. It’s a good idea to regularly review your own ambitions for the company, and – critically – make sure your team is on-board with you at every step.

You could look to EXIT by a competitor acquiring you (M&A), or if you want to continue your growth journey then an alternative is to become a public company to access an even bigger pool of funding (IPO).

Planning a business exit strategy means taking a long-term view of your business. A long-term view with an exit strategy in mind helps you make the right strategic decisions throughout your business journey, so when the time comes, you can sell your business for maximum profits.

Choosing the best EXIT strategy for your business is a very important and individual decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The type of EXIT will depend on your personal goals, financial needs, industry conditions and the current state of your business.

Our team of experts have dealt with EXITs in numerous industries and planned for all EXIT scenarios including M&A transactions (sale to market), employee or management buyouts, Succession, IPO, retirement and liquidation. We will help you create an EXIT strategy and roadmap to ensure you maximise the full potential when EXIT’ing and align your strategies towards the EXIT goal in the process.

Ask yourself:
  • What is your vision and dream?
  • What are your personal and financial goals
  • Have you defined your EXIT vision?
  • What is your company worth today?
  • Is your company in demand in the market?
  • Have you defined a roadmap towards your EXIT goal?
  • What are the pitfalls of an IPO and how do we avoid them?
  • Have you considered how your exit plan impacts your valuation?
  • How does your overall fundraising strategy tie into your EXIT strategy?
We help you:
  • Define your vision
  • Define your EXIT strategy
  • Build a road map towards your EXIT and help your implement, monitor and adjust accordingly
  • Identify potential M&A targets
  • Define a tailor made “target strategy”
  • With Negotiation support
  • Create IPO roadmap and strategy
  • With M&A and deal structuring support

Meet our Exit Strategy Experts

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