Investment Strategy

Successful funding requires a long-term funding & investment strategy. Don’t just think about the here and now – consider your company’s future. What type of investor do you need to increase your chance of success – what can they bring to the table? And, where might funding come from in the next 2 to 8 years, and how does that align with your growth objectives? The right investor will typically stay with you through 3 or 4 funding rounds, investing more at every stage.


How can we help you?

The PoE Advisory team consist of experts with experience in the banking and corporate finance industry. Having vast experience from senior positions with international banks, private equity houses, venture capital funds and global consultancy and law firms we can help you overcome complex challenges and increase your chances of finding the funding needed for growth.

Based on our unique team composition and experience we are capable of identifying the missing pieces in your pitch deck to ensure that it includes all the key indicators.

We work with start-ups and scaleups to design a tailored investment strategy and an attractive investment proposition. Creating a solid fundraising strategy and framework is important when preparing for the next capital event.

We will clearly define the fundraising strategy and approach taking into consideration the cash needed Vs. valuation ratio i.e fundraise adequately in a pace supporting the overall strategy of the company (you want to protect your equity stakehold in the company until it is time not to).

Ask yourself:
  • Do you have a clear fundraising strategy…
  • …and is it aligned with your EXIT strategy?
  • What type of capital is best suited for your company?
  • What type of investors are you looking for?
  • Have you carefully managed your cap table?
What we offer
  • Short- and long-term fundraising strategy
  • Investor presentation preparation (pitch deck)
  • Valuation assessment
  • Investor readiness
  • Investor introductions
  • Deal structuring
  • Investor relations management
  • M&A
  • Cap table management strategy

Meet our Investment Strategy Experts

We deliver bespoke strategic advisory solutions  to create successful businesses.